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Tax Help

Are you having trouble with the IRS? From collections, to penalties to garnishments, to settlements, we take care of any tax problem.

Incorporation Advice

Wondering whether to choose LLC or S-Corporation? We present the pros and cons and help you fill out all the forms.

Proactive Tax Planning

Throughout the year, we look for ways for our clients to save money on their taxes and help to predict how much taxes our clients will owe.

Cumming Payroll Service

We can help you get your payroll out on time and for only a small fee. We can even estimate a salary for owners of S-Corps.

Sales Tax - Cumming GA

Falling behind on your sales taxes can happen more easily than you think. Instead of continuing to fall behind, let us catch you up and help you stay on track.

Quickbooks & Accounting

Once we set up Quickbooks we can either fully equip you with the knowledge you need to use it to manage your business or handle the management ourselves, monthly or quarterly.

Cumming georgiaWorking with Nicholas was a pleasure. I found him to be very knowledgeable about accounting and taxes and always available to answer my questions. His fees were very reasonable compared to other CPA's I have worked with and will definitely use him in the future.

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As long as we have been in business, we have been helping people just like you minimize their tax payments. We stay on top of any developments that could reduce your Georgia taxes and federal taxes. Our services include preparing and filing both paper and electronic taxes in all fifty states, as well as handling direct deposit of tax returns. We can even give tax, tax reporting, and tax deductibility advice to new homeowners and landlords, and help business owners manage their financial and tax records. Finally, we help to resolve any problems with the IRS.

Cumming CPA accountants will help you pick the right bookkeeping program, accounting practices, income recognition, and asset deprecation systems for your business. We formulate a strategy specific to you and your finances that makes the most of your state's laws. Our business related services include preparing and filing returns for:

•   Business and Personal Financial Statements
•   Sole Proprietorships (Schedule C)
•   Partnerships and LLCs ( Form 1065)
•   S-Corporations (form 1120)
•   C-Corporations (form 1120)

We also help new businesses set up their financial systems by recommending bookkeeping and recording keep practices, setting up and training for Quickbooks, bookkeeping every month or every three months, and setting up new accounting systems. When it comes to payroll, we can ensure that your payroll is registered with the right government agencies, is sent out on time, whether through a stub system or direct deposit, manage W-2s and reports, and finding the right salary for the S-Corporation owner.

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